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Communication Mastery Course (Step 2) by Aksent is one of the best communication skills training course for learners with intermediate to upper-intermediate English proficiency. This advanced online communication skills training program is ideal for candidates who can read, write, and speak English but lack confidence or fluency when speaking or writing in the language. As a learner, you will gain social skills, the confidence to speak clearly and concisely, the ability to give organized talks, and knowledge of social manners for speaking in a suitable voice and using the appropriate vocabulary in various speaking situations.

Step 2 Communication Mastery Course Highlights

8 Weeks Online Course

Our interactive and live online training will assist you in mastering business communication..

1:1 Personal Mentoring

Experience the luxury of one-on-one personal sessions with your trainers and receive feedback.

Premium Course Content

Improve your skills with our course materials based on the Oxford and Cambridge curricula.

Certified Training Experts

Learn from internationally trained and experienced TESOL, CELTA, and TEFL-certified trainers.

100% Practical Course

100% practice-based modules will help you learn how to speak and write in a variety of workplace situations.

Community Access

Improve your communication skills by networking with the Aksent community and enjoying lifetime access.

How this course works?
Learn the Concepts

Start by watching our engaging video lessons. These cover essential concepts and are accompanied by study materials and practice tests. These lessons lay a solid foundation for your learning journey.

Book Your Session

Schedule personalized one-to-one sessions with our internationally certified trainers. They’ll guide you through any challenges and help you progress at your own pace. Get ready to speak English with confidence!

Practice & Progress

Practice speaking with your trainer and receive personalized feedback via email. This helps you improve continuously. As you keep learning and practicing, you’ll notice yourself getting better at English every day. 

Step 2 Communication Skills Training Modules

Communication Skills training and Public speaking Course in TamilNadu Chennai

Public Speaking Module

Communication Skills Training in Chennai Tamil Nadu. Group Discussions Lessons at Aksent

GD & Socializing Module

Best Communication Skills Training. Writing Skills Practice at Aksent

Advanced Writing Module

Public Speaking Skills Training

Become a Public Speaker in just 30 days

Getting the Basics Right

Mastering the Art

Deliver Right

Group Discussion Skills Training

Socialize and Converse Better!

Getting Started

Being Successful

Socializing Skills

Advanced Writing Skills Course

Become an Independent Writer!

Language and Style

Blog Writing

Email Writing

Course Duration

3 Months 
Flexible Timings

Slots Availability

Seats for April Full
Few Slots Left for May

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Feel free to connect with our program advisors for any support or queries.

Yes, it’s a live online English course you can engage directly one-to-one with instructors. Alongside online live sessions, the course offers video lessons, downloadable study materials, practice tests, doubt clearing sessions, and more to provide a comprehensive learning experience. 

This Step 2 Communication Skills Training Mastery Course is ideal for English anyone who possess communication skills yet seek to bolster their confidence and elevate proficiency for social contexts. Designed for those aspiring to become exceptional communicators, it empowers individuals to refine their language abilities and excel in diverse communication scenarios

The timing of the sessions is entirely flexible and based on your preference. You have the freedom to schedule the live one-to-one sessions at any time between 7:30 a.m. and 10 p.m.(IST) This flexibility enables you to choose the timing that best fits your schedule, on any 3 to 5 days per week between Mondays and Saturdays. Each session is designed to last for 30 to 40 minutes.

Yes, you can attend the live sessions either through mobile or computer with a decent internet speed connection.

The course is accessible on various devices, including computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. You can also download our LMS mobile app and access the lessons on our app. 
For attending live sessions, you’ll need to download one of the video conferencing applications such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Zoho.

You will be assigned 2 to 3 trainers, each with 5 to 20 years of experience and internationally certified in TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA. You can book sessions with any of them according to your preference. 

After making the payment following guidance from our program advisors, you’ll gain immediate access to the course. You can then book your onboarding live training session within 24-48 working hours.

Yes, if you find that the course doesn’t meet your expectations, we will refund your money. You can request a refund within 15 days of enrollment, but you must have unlocked and attended at least four live training sessions. Please note there’s a 10% deduction for administrative costs, and refunds are processed within 10 working days.

No, we don’t offer demo sessions. Our courses are designed with one-to-one sessions that require preparation and practice with the trainer. Understanding that transformation and judgment cannot be expected from just one class, we believe in providing a comprehensive learning experience rather than single-session demos.

Yes, once you complete our communication skills training course, you are not left alone, you will be admitted in our community learning which has access to our webinars, group discussions and you can also participate in our discussion forums.

Based on 1900+ reviews
Aksent is an outstanding english communication skills center in chennai. Past 3 and a half months I learnt lot of things. Firstly I got a courage and confidence to speak in English. Thank you so much to Dr Azhar. Excellent trainers, I loved all the classes. Thank you surabhi mam for your patience of teaching. It is very good platform to learn english communication skills and to achieve your goal. Thanks to aksent team.
Senior Librarian
Hi Aksent..I truly enjoyed this course. And Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask any questions. Thank you so much for your very valuable Trainers.Aishwarya and Surabhi mam🙂
I finished my schooling and college in tamil medium. I don't know how to make sentence and how to talk with others. I really worried about myself. Then one of my cousin suggested me to take English class training in Aksent. I contact the admin of Aksent. The team members assessed me and their suggested me to take grammar mastery for 2 month's. I completed successfully.., now I can frame the sentences to write and now a days I'm trying apply while I'm speaking. Now I'm going to take speaking class for my next improvement. I really surprised about my improvement. Thank you so much... I'm really happy to share about my feedback. Thanks a lot for my trainer Azhar sir.
Arjune naveen
Working Professional
Hai friends I am Sivasankari I joined Aug. 17. 2022 batch .first of all, I would like to thank the Aksent trainers .first I hesitated to join the Aksent class ,because in Google I saw many spoken English online App But the rating points in Aksent is high. So I have chosen aksent class . Of course my decision is right , because they conducted the classes daily very seriously .I attracted and admired Menakathiruvengadam mam's class. And Surabhi mam is also handled the class very well . Of course in my starting classes Dr.Azhar has handled the class and motivated them.overall it was a fantastic and fabulous . They were travelling with us overall class
My Speaking Course at Aksent, I would like to recommend everyone. I would say the throughout 60 hours of my Communication Training is an Excellent program that has helped me to gain my confident back in relation to public speaking, writing efficient e-mails and prepare presentations. Suggest everyone to join Aksent, take up sessions of Azhar Sir.
I am very grateful to Dr Azhar for initiating me to join the communication program, though I made some common mistakes, not even a day he got angry and was upset, he continouosly with smiling face always motivated me, I am leaving India and have got a job in Saudi, it is only because of him I cleared the interview, whether my English has improved or not but my confidence has improved to great level. I can see what a good trainer like you Sir can change students like us. I will never forget you sir, in my life. Thanks a lotttttt
Human Resource Manager
Dear all, Let me share my experience with Aksent. I am with this training institute since August 2020. I joined 3 Online Courses and my trainer was Dr. Azar Ahamed. The first was the grammar course, second Communication and third Business English Communication. I have already a communication course in one of the reputed training centers and during this lockdown I wanted to make my communication better so I took the initiative to join the course. I spoke with the support staff named Ramya for the course details and I was suggested the grammar course as even I was interested to refresh my grammar skills, I readily accepted. There were almost 40 students in the grammar course and I was shocked because I wanted to have some individual attention for my learning. They gave videos access, PDF documents for reference and live classes was taught by Dr. Azar, there were other trainers but I wanted only him for the training as I saw his videos before joining. The greatest thing I liked about this course was the video material almost 20 videos were shared , all grammar topics explained in english and tamil. The videos were very useful and other than grammar I learnt many things from Dr. Azar, ,he points out and takes individual care on students' performance, but if you want to be successful in this course, you should follow all his instructions otherwise you will not improve. I understood one thing from this course that only if we make some steps to spend time and complete our assignments he will really help you in order to improve your skills. Finally, this course had an assessment and I completed the assessment and then joined the communication course. To my surprise this course was totally different than grammar there were only 12 students in my batch and the course was for two months, this was the turning point in my speaking. I received continuous feedback from my trainer and he gave many tips he was lively, interactive. My class mates Sangeetha, Amudha, Krishnan, Nihar, and others students improved our communication skills, honestly speaking the activities were awesome and fun. I started getting more interest on English and communication and felt that I should not stop with, so then I took the Business English communication course but this time one to one session. I wanted to extract as much as the knowledge from Dr. Azar, so, got the one to one training though it was expensive I wanted to, because I know how important is communication in corporate world. There I learnt the techniques of presentation skills, meetings, email writing and diplomacy etc., Dr. Azar being an expert in training has so much of knowledge to share. But the only thing is that if you are regular and if you can commit yourself for learning, then this is the right place to improve and do have Dr. Azar as your trainer, he is such a cool person, motivating, relaxed, dynamic for me he is my mentor. I am writing this detailed review because this lockdown has been a real changeover in my communication skills and I am enjoying the results now. I wish others can also make use of this best English training. Thank you Sir and support staff Ramya.
Rithika Vijayakumar
Working Professional
I always try to speak English with colleagues or Manager but I am getting nervous and speaking fast with grammar mistakes so it was upset me. I went to many English centers but I am not satisfied three years ago. I was searching for a good center since 2017. When I search randomly on google about the English center which suggests your center with good reviews. I had a plan to join but the center distance is too far from my home and also I am a working guy. I can’t join on weekdays but I have the only choice is the weekend. I already used to travel daily by train from home to the office so I unable to travel again on weekend is not possible so I ignored then. I got an opportunity to join during the lockdown with weekdays class hence without thinking I joined immediately from the grammar section. I was really liked teaching by Azhar sir. He has taught the grammar section really well whoever can understand easily and they won’t mistake again that level he was teaching us. I really impressed with his way of teaching and giving inputs to us. I have learnt lot of things now which I made mistakes usually when I write the sentence. My next goal is to speak fluently without hesitation so I have planned to join a speaking session with Aksent Center. I am really looking forward to the speaking session. Hope I can speak fluently without hesitation soon.
Senior Professional
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