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A2 to B1
Pre-Intermediate Level

Batch Start Dates Weekday, December 4 Weekend, December 9

Online English Speaking Course (Step 1)

Aksent offers the best online English speaking course to assist your ability to communicate in English and taste success in your life. Our Online speaking English Courses focus on a variety of daily situations, which helps you not only to speak fluently but also enhance your self-confidence.

Step-1 Online English Course Highlights

Not just an ordinary English course!
The Step-1 Online Communicative English Course from Aksent is excellent, up-to-date, goal-oriented, practical, and, most importantly, effective.

Live and Interactive

Attend the live sessions. Learn and interact with your trainers in the virtual classroom.

Premium Content

Get the advantage of learning the impeccable content inspired by the Oxford and Cambridge curricula.

CEFR - Certificate

Earn an internationally valid Core Skills CEFR certificate upon your completion of all the modules.

1:1 Personal Training

Experience the luxury of one-to-one personal sessions with your trainers and receive feedback.

Certified Trainers

Learn from internationally trained and experienced TESOL, CELTA, and TEFL-certified trainers.

High-Quality Resources

Upskill your grammar, vocabulary, and communication through our premium study materials.

Assignments and Tests

Every topic has speaking and writing assignments and practice tests that help learners keep making continuous progress.

Community Access

Improve your communication skills by networking with the Aksent community and enjoying lifetime access.

Practical Learning

100% practice-based modules will help you learn how to speak and write in a variety of real-world situations.

Online English Speaking Course Roadmap

Best Online English Course

A perfect course to help you improve your English skills

“You need Aksent when it comes to learning English because any journey deserves a strong beginning”

Grammar Classes Module at Aksent

Core English Skills

Core English skills help you build a solid English foundation to learn and master advanced grammatical structures. The right balance of explanation and practice and regular assessments of grammar skills make this module a wonderful learning experience.

Everyday English Module at Aksent

Everyday Communication

This online English speaking course encourages learners to make real progress in communication. The training module, designed by our experts, focuses on day-to-day English use, assisting learners in equipping themselves with the necessary abilities for both personal and social situations.

Communication Strategies English Module

Communication Strategies

This fascinating online English-speaking course prepares students for a variety of scenarios that may require a variety of responses. A unique combination of speaking exercises aids students in overcoming their phobia of speaking. Ample practice sessions help learners comprehend the dynamics of communication.

Writing Skills Module

Writing Skills

Writing is a difficult skill to master, but the Writing Skills module makes the process more achievable for students. Learners learn how to properly follow instructions and put this knowledge into practice throughout the course of this training module.

Trainers With Vision

Training Team

We, the trainers at Aksent, have the knowledge, skills, and drive to help people like you achieve their dreams. 

Rakshana English Trainer at Aksent
ELT certified

Rakshana L

tesol | TEFL Certified

Sushma K

Angel English Trainer at Aksent
CELTA certified

Angel J

Shruthi ELT Trainer at Aksent
TEFL Certified

Shruthi K

Menaka English Trainer at Aksent
american tesol certified

Menaka T

Dr. Azhar Ahmed Aksent Director Training Students
Program Director

Dr. Azhar R

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Course Fees

Our course plans have been carefully designed to meet your requirements. Feel happy to get in touch with us if you have any queries or doubts regarding them.


12,000 ₹8,000/-

3 Months

15,000 ₹12,000/-

3 Months

39,000 ₹31,000/-

5 Months

Online English Speaking Course (Step-1) Batch Schedules

Batch Dates Weekday, 4th December Weekday, 4th December Weekday, 4th December Weekend, 9th December

Timings (IST) Weekdays: 10:30 A.M. Weekdays: 07:30 P.M. Weekdays: 09:05 P.M. Sat & Sun: 05:00 P.M.

Batch Status Morning 10:30 - Batches Open Evening 07:30 - Few Seats Left Evening 09:05 - 2 Seats Left Evening 05:00 - Fast Filling

What do Aksent learners have to say about the courses?

"I would like to share my opinion about Aksent class. I joined the class last August. Azhar sir is very nice & energetic person. Menaka mam & Surabi mam classes are too good. Menaka mam classes enthusiastic. She has guided me through the right direction. My confidence level has increase. This is right platform for Spoken English. Thanks to Aksent Team"
I would like to extend my warm thank you for great training session regarding english grammar and communication.It has helped me a lot to improve my communication skills and communicate fluently with others. I will always be greatful to trainer and team for your support and kindness.Thanks for being a good mentor Thank you
College Student
"I did online Grammar course. It was very good to have Dr. Azhar as my guide. His teaching practice was very good. We learnt grammar in the best way... mainly his English speaking practice on the beginning motivates us to learn more....He taught without any confusion to us. Thank you so much to Aksent and Azhar sir."
Shantha Priya
Working Professional
I came to know from browsing that Aksent is one of the best coaching centres in Chennai. I liked the way of tutors teaching skills , which is friendly in nature. Also, after few class I started to communicate in English very fluently with improved vocabulary. Specially, I want to thank Ms Sushma for her additional efforts to improve my communication skill.
First time, when I was attending Aksent english course, I was very nervous and scared. Apart that, trainers are fantabulous trained each and every topic for students.. My nervousness was day by day slow down in my side and my confident level is increased.. Which place I had to used to words now I am cleared.... Even though, now a days my pronunciation is very good.. Especially, Surabhi mam, took all those topics were really quickly to understood for students and sushma mam took all that topics are full of fun created to in our session and how to speek to others, very cleared to explained day by day. Now I am really glad to say.... I am a Akentian.....
I am nazeer from dubai. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to embark my learning journey with Aksent. It was excellent where I learned and improved my communication skills. So many changes I have come through after attending the class. Thanks to the aksent and my friendly instructors ' Menaka ' and 'Surabi' mam. Its worth and life changing for who like to improve them in communication.
Nazeer Haq
Working Professional
"Believe me if you are excited to "speak fluent" Aksent is the right place to join Because I have completed my online communication course here and Azhar sir training was Amazing..I feel much confident."
Working Professional
I am a project delivery manager, in today's corporates world it is necessary to have business communication skills and this type of training will influence our work performance. I would suggest everyone who is working should take this business English course offered of Aksent since many soft skills are covered in this course. Additionally me having 15 years experience and completion of this course has made me rise my confidence to the world of good.
Senior Professional
The sessions is easy to understand and goes at a great pace, however I found myself going over some grammar more than once as sometimes i felt too fast. I would say that my course at Aksent is well structured, presented, and practical! Thank you very much! It is greatly appreciated.
Bala Subramani
azhar help you to improve ur communication skill.he also give what his student want(study related).simply azhar sir teaching is awesome.ramya mam also very kindly person.she always reply her student queries and solve it soon
College Student
I really want to Thank Aksent and their team for the way they teach, more practical and understandable, I will recommend for those who in need, keep it up, wish you all the best Thanks.
Senior Professional
Had a very improving training so far. Fortunate to have such a wonderful and sportive trainer. Just had completed the basics of class but was lucky to learn the basics for those who would like to learn and explore English I would suggest Aksent.
Working Professional
Aksent is the great platform for English learner.The way food is essential to us similarly English language is also essential today... When I started the class in Aksent I was in low level, now I can feel the drastic improvements . Aksent finds what is needed to us and teaches ,the way how mother is concerned about what we should eat . Our lacking places are found and corrected with stimulating ideas by them, so it helps us to learn easily. As far as I am concerned, all tutors first of all understand the student then they take the class. It's very convenient for learners.Sushma mam is very convenient to me,she has more patience,whatever we asked, she would explain in a way that we can understand.I am satisfied for choosing the right path.
Thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my English learning journey with aksent for past three weeks. I am stalin from Singapore working as a Quality Engineer I have really enjoyed. Before joining to this class , I was a shy person, I wasn't able to talk Infront of anyone in English. I like Menakas approach during the class. Menakas has an empathetic approach and always understand my challenges and helps me to resolve it. I would like to be associate with aksent for many more years.
Gragori stalin
Senior Professional
I'm a home maker, 10th discontinued because I got married. My wish is to speak in English because I'm having 2 kids infront of them I don't want to feel bad. Because they both are studying in Cbse while I'm going to school with them for parents teachers I feel bad when others speaking and being specialising. Then I asked my husband to join any spoken English classes my husband enquired lots of institutions but I feel uncomfortable they told want to learn in what's app or call. I told I need some interactive base session. Then my husband found Aksent he spoke Riya mam. Riya mam told wants to assess me she gave me space to find my challenges asked my difficulties. She taken reading, writing and speaking she make to feel as her friend then I open up. She clearly explained me about the 3 months program. I joined with her guidance really I'm telling it's amazing 😍 session on my life I felt I went to college life. Trainers are female so flexible. As like me lots of home makers learning I got lots good friends. No I'm writing this review feeling so good. Because in starting I don't even single sentence to speak. But I'm good in reading and writing. Now I'm so happy thanks a lot to my lovely mentors Menak mam, Sushma mam, and Rakshana mam.
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