Business Communication Course

In globalized economy, effective communication is essential for success in business. With Business English, you can improve your communication skills, demonstrate professionalism, and gain the edge you need to succeed!

Course Duration

8 Weekends
Online Live Classes

Batch Starts

1st July, 2023
10 Seats Available!

Timings (IST)

Saturdays & Sundays
07:00 to 09:00 P.M

Course Fee

27,000/- 16,000/-
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Be a Voice; not an Echo at your Workplace

Recommended for Team Leaders Managers Entrepreneurs Consultants Executives

Have ideas? Transform them through effective communication...

Business English Course for Professionals

If you work in a professional setting, Business Communication is essential. Aksent’s online business communication course  – provide pick-up and use business skills that are equipped with an intensive, practical, and skill-based curriculumOur effective online business English classes take a practice-oriented approach to explain the concept of business communication, and they are structured as per today’s corporate needs.

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Business Communication Course Highlights

Thanks to our course deliverables, we have a 100% success rate with our Business Communication Course. Join us now for an experience like no other.

2-Month Live Classes

Our interactive and live online training will assist you in mastering business communication..

Personal 1:1 Mentoring

Experience the luxury of 16 one-on-one personal sessions with your trainers and receive feedback.

Premium Content

Improve your skills with our course materials based on the Oxford and Cambridge curricula.

Certified Industry Experts

Learn from internationally trained and experienced TESOL, CELTA, and TEFL-certified trainers.

100% Practical Approach

100% practice-based modules will help you learn how to speak and write in a variety of workplace situations.

Community Access

Improve your communication skills by networking with the Aksent community and enjoying lifetime access.

Join India's Most Successful and Practical Business Communication Course

Business English curriculum

Course Modules

Our business English course modules are very comprehensive and specific. They are extremely focused on using the skills and language techniques required for your career growth.

Business Writing Skills Module

Email Writing Skills Training 

Write Emails Confidently when you want to
  • make a first contact

  • address in groups

  • send/reply to proposals or promotions

  • write/respond to complaints

  • send a covering email for the job

  • apologize for something

  • follow up your clients / colleagues

  • negotiate a deal

  • send updates

Master Creating Effective Presentation Slides

  • Learn how to make a strong visual impact

  • The dos and don'ts when creating PPTs

  • Language to use for preparing slides

  • Hacks for creating successful notes

Persuasive Written Communication

  • Learn how to transform features into benefits

  • Become familiar with online persuasive writing techniques

Writing for Meetings

  • Note making

  • Apply the right tone and structure when writing minutes

Argumentative Writing

Master the language to use when you want to write about
  • the cause/result of something

  • contrasting facts

  • pros and cons


  • Learn and apply the rules of punctuation at varied situations


Meetings & Group Discussion Skills Module

Group Discussions Skills Training

  • Learn the dos and don'ts of group discussions

  • Showing understanding as a host/participant

  • Learn how to share opinions - agree / disagree

  • Upgrade your brainstorming skills

Problem Solving in meetings

  • Become familiar dealing with conflicts/ misunderstandings

  • Bring solutions to a problem

  • Learn how to raise a difficult point

  • Depersonalizing and distancing yourself from information

Successful Negotiations in meetings

  • How to ask for a pay rise

  • Become a master in closing deals

Job Interviews

  • Elevate your job interview skills

  • Learn how to talk about your achievements/personal qualities


  • Learn how to advise an employee

  • Discuss and evaluate performances

  • Talk about improving services


Presentation and Public Speaking Module

Master the Core Structure

  • Planning & Preparing

  • Structuring your talk

  • Getting the message across

  • Summarizing

Innovative Presentations

  • Learn how to deliver a product, service, idea or project

  • Making a persuasive presentation of a product or service

Benchmarking Presentations

  • Techniques to deliver facts, figures or trends

  • Learn how to speculate future plans / changes

Presentation Skills Training Mastery

  • Learn how to deliver unplanned presentations

  • Applying vague language

  • Hacks to respond difficult questions


Everyday Business Communication Module

Life at Work

  • Know how to sell yourself

  • Learn the rapport building skills

  • Exchanging contacts and networking

  • Hacks to become an admirable leader

Corporate Etiquette

Master the business key expressions when you want to
  • make and refuse requests

  • respond to invitations

  • exit a conversation politely

  • make suggestions and recommendations

  • deal with customers / clients

Events and Projects

  • Narrate past events

  • Delegate tasks

  • Talk about schedules

  • Give/ask for updates

Telephoning Skills

  • Dealing with situations on the phone

  • Taking part in teleconferences

  • Soft skills

Staying Positive

  • Express Dissatisfaction

  • Saying 'NO'

  • Learn how to communicate negative information in a positive way


Case-studies for discussions
Authenticated Business Key expressions PDFs
Worksheets to improve Business Vocabulary
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Meet the members of our training team who have assisted a great number of learners growing their self-assurance.

Menaka English Trainer at Aksent
Menaka Thiruvengadam
American TESOL Certified
Sushma K. Gopal
TEFL & TESOL Certified
Course Duration

8 Weekends
Online Live Classes

Timings (IST)

Saturdays & Sundays
07:00 to 09:00 P.M

Course Fee

27,000/- 16,000/-
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Presentation and Public Speaking Course

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