Refund Policy, Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy


This Webpage underlines the Refund Policy, Terms, and Conditions that a Student is expected to read thoroughly before paying the fees and registering for a course at Aksent Corporate Solutions. 

Aksent Corporate Solutions, having its registered office in Chennai is a customer service-driven institution focused on providing high-quality training. However, operational issues can affect our services. To facilitate our customers to make informed choices before the enrolments and to aid Aksent Staff, this policy has been made available. 

Refund Policy

I. Students need to read the Refund policy before the Enrolment/Registration.

II. No Refunds or transfers for whatever reason will be done for requests received on or after your course/ batch commencing date. This implies even if you have not attended even one session. 

III. Refund can be sought without any reason before your course commencing date. However, an amount of Rs.500/- would be deducted towards admission and administration charges, and the remaining fee paid would be refunded in full.

IV. When a Student pays a Partial amount towards the Course for blocking a seat, it is called a Booking Fee. The student should pay the remaining amount of the course fee to complete the registration formalities before the batch date/commencement of the course without fail. In the event of non-payment, the booking fee becomes void. 

V. Course fees are non-refundable and non-transferable should you have to curtail your course for any reason, including personal, work, holiday, or medical reasons.

VI. Course fees are non-refundable and non-transferable if you are suspended or dismissed for failing to attend classes as per your allotted timings.

VII. Batch Postponement:

 Aksent strives to start batches as per schedule. Postponement and cancellation are done only in inevitable situations. Aksent reserves the right to the postponement of the batch. The communication on the batch postponement would be provided 2 working days before the scheduled batch launch. Refunds are not applicable for batch postponement.

 VIII. Refunds can be sought for batch cancellation.

IX. Batch Cancellation:

A Batch is considered canceled only in the following situations.

 1. Aksent makes a formal announcement on the cancellation through writing.

 2. Batch has been postponed on more than 2 occasions and Aksent does not provide any rescheduled dates. In this case, you are entitled to a full refund. 

X. Aksent tries to run all scheduled courses, but we reserve the right to cancel/postpone courses where this is unavoidable. In this case, we will always offer you an alternative course schedule.

 XI. You may only start and continue your course as per our representative’s instructed batch commencing date. Delay of commencing your course from your end will not be entertained. Refunds are not possible in this event.

 XII. Rights of Admissions are reserved.

 XIII. Course ending date will not be extended if you must curtail your course for any reason, including personal, work, holiday, suspension due to non-payment of fee, and/or medical reasons. If you are not able to complete your course before the course ending date, you should re-register by paying the course renewal fee of Rs. 1000/- within 3 days from the date when your course ends, failing will lead to termination of your course.

 XIV. Leave with prior permission from your trainer-in charge is mandatory. The permission should be only in writing/mail and should be acknowledged by your trainer for reference; however, there will not be any extension in your course ending date.

Due Payments:

I. Ensure to pay your fees due on or before the due date to avoid late payment charges. The late payment fee is Rs.200. If your due fee is not paid within 3 days from your due date, then your course is subjected to be terminated without notice. The course renewal fee is also not entertained in this event.

 II. No credit/extensions are valid for public holiday days or when the office is closed.

 III. You are liable to pay all your course fees dues according to the due dates informed to you, even if you miss, postpone/cancel training.

Terms & Conditions Policy


I. Trainees will be accepted only after successful completion of Aksent’s quick diagnostic test for advanced programs.

 II. If you feel you may need to change your session timing during a course, please inform through writing. However, it is solely based on Batch seat availability and faculty’s possibility.

 III. All batch timings, dates, fees, and faculties are subject to change.

 IV. You are required to check your internet connection settings for online training courses. Aksent is not responsible or will reschedule the sessions you miss because of a poor internet connection from your end. 

 V. We request you to quote your registration number in the future for any correspondence that you may have with us and for any clarifications, queries, requests, or feedback you may feel free to contact us through e-mail or service support numbers.

 VI. If a situation arises that has not been covered by these Terms, we reserve the right to take any fair and reasonable action that we think appropriate.

 VII. 90% of attendance is mandatory to receive your course completion certificate.

Code of Conduct:

Aksent Encourages Freedom to Exchange Ideas and Opinions. However, it is allowed only in cases of Fair discussions and strictly related to the Subject. Unwarranted Display of aggression or any verbal Communication intended for disrupting classes or any activity inside Aksent will not be tolerated. In such a Situation, Aksent will Reserve the Right for Termination of the registration.