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Aksent offers the best online English classes that give you the flexibility to study from wherever and whenever you like.

Our highly innovative and unique mix of engaging online English courses is accompanied by assessments and personalized feedback sessions that allow the students to progress consistently.

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Online English Classes

If you are looking for the best online English training courses, then you are at the right place.

English Course for Beginners

The right course to learn the basics of grammar and sentence structures
Batches open

Step-1 English Speaking Course (Pre-Inter)

Best course to practice the grammar concepts while communicating.

Step-2 Communication Mastery (Advanced)

Join this course to upskill your confidence, vocabulary, and fluency.
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Business Communication Course

Improve your presentation, meeting, and business writing skills today!
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One to One Private Lessons

Get individual / personal training from our highly qualified English trainers
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Features of our online English Courses

Why Choose Aksent?

You want your needs to be understood with keen attention and to have your communication goals achieved. At Aksent, we ensure it.

CELTA / TESOL / TEFL Certified Trainers

You will be trained by instructors who are internationally certified and have expertise in teaching the English language.

Expect 100% Improvement

Aksent guarantees communication success for all our learners. Get the right guidance, platform and practice.

Good-bye to Boring Pre-Recorded Courses

Our live and interactive online classes with feedback sessions give you the advantage of acquiring skills faster.

Training Experience

With our more than 20 years of experience and best practices, you can be sure that you’ll learn English in the easiest and right way. 

Best Curriculum

Our courses follow the Oxford and Cambridge curriculum, so you can enjoy authenticated learning with a globally recognized syllabus..


Training Methods

Aksent follows the most innovative and up-to-date training methods so that students can learn English in the best possible setting..


Students' Testimonials

Success Stories

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I'm so thrilled and excited to share my experience at Aksent. I enrolled for the Online Speaking Mastery Course (Intermediate Level) by the way, in order to improve my communication skills online. The sessions were totally interactive, practical, fun and helped my perception of learning English skills. Especially Dr. Azhar is a master of understanding students' difficulties and helping them overcome the inferiority complex. If you wish to improve your skills, I totally recommend Aksent. Cheers Aksent and Team
Hello I am Shibu. I would like to share my incredible experience at Aksent. My travel with Aksent was really smooth from the start to finish. with the well trailered English curriculum. I was able to master grammar, public speaking skills, socializing, reading and writing with my trainers Dr . Azhar & meenaka, surabhi . Dr . Azhar & meenaka have highly motivated and pushed my limits in Learning . They have made me a confident speaker to face my professional and personal life. I would recommend every one join Aksent and be a voice in our society. My special thanks to AKsent team Dr . Azhar & meenaka for making this learning journey on experience to cherish
Thank you Aksent team, for helping me overcome my lack of confidence in my communication skills. I struggled a lot to handle my interviews because of my communication problem, but when I enquired with Aksent, they gave me confidence, and now I'm also placed at TCS. I want to advance to the next level, so I'm planning to enrol in the next level up course for my career. Really I'm so happy with the trainers they handle in very professional way so knowledged persons taught me lottt thanks to Azhar sir, Surabhi mam, Menaka mam & supporting staff also so caring. If we had any concerns, they responded quickly. Thank you so much
Hello, I am Meenatchi. I would like to share my marvellous experience at Aksent. It has been three months of journey. When I joined this course, my goal was improving myself in grammar. However, I have improved my language skills, socializing skill and positive attitude. Whenever we join any class, some days will be boring session and some days will be interesting. But in Aksent I never had a boring session. The credit goes to Menaka. I start my day with positive attitude after attending the class every day. I have learned lots of new diction and pronunciation. I am using that in my daily conversation. I have learned public speaking etiquettes and it has been very helpful for me. The experience is wonderful, and I cannot express my feeling with limited words.I can resonate with my co learners, and we were on the same page. It has motivated me alot. My special thanks to Aksent team Dr. Azhar & Menaka for making this learning journey an experience to remember a lifetime. Thanks, Meenatchi
Meenatchi Vetrimani
Hello Learners, My name is Sundar vasu and I would like to take a moment to share my wonderful experience at Aksent. Initially I was not good in my communication skills, because of that I missed so many opportunities, and my friends are recommended me to join Spoken English classes. Before Join Aksent I don't have any positive opinion about to join the Spoken English classes to improve the communication. However, I saw the google reviews about multiple training centers and I noticed that Aksent is one of the most top rated organization at Chennai. Hence I choosed to Join at Aksent. During my 1st week with Aksent I was little bit nervous. But, Menaka Ma'am make us comfortable with her smile and friendly conversation and that helped me to through out my fear and hesitation. After that, I attended the sessions of Menaka Ma'am, Surabhi Ma'am and Azhar Sir. All of their classes were very useful and they taught us about multiple communication improvement topics. After 3 months of my travel with Aksent I could see lot of improvement in my communication. It was worth for the time I spent. Now I am able to talk well and able to present my PPT's with full of confident. My special thanks to Aksent team Azhar Sir and Menaka Ma'am for making this learning journey a wonderful. Thank you so much Menaka Ma'am and team ☺
sundar vasu
Hi, I am Nafiya Shafeen from Chennai. I would like to share my unforgettable experience at Aksent. I came across many English learning institutes, where most of the classes are recorded. When I came to know about Aksent and when I enquired, they explained how the classes will be. It gave me hope and I Joined Aksent. Before I joined Aksent, I can’t talk in English in a flow, and I had mother tongue influence while I talk. The first day of class was so lively and full of energy, friendly atmosphere, because of Menaka my trainer. On my 40th day, I was able to talk the language in a flow, using new vocabulary, and my writing has improved. The words I learnt, I started using in my day-to-day life. I felt very confident. All credit goes to my trainer Menaka. Each class with her was so interesting, didn’t feel bored at all. I did not want to miss her class and this motivated me to attend the early morning session with her. It’s a fantastic experience with Menaka. My hearty thanks to MR. Azhar, Menaka, Surabi who made this learning journey a memorable experience for the rest of my life.
Nafiya Shafeen
Aksent is the equitable choice to determine your communication skill. In my view, Aksent comprehends my Farrago and defenestrate the crisis and made my laurel. Thank you, Dr Azar and Menaka.
First of all, I need to thank the Almighty because he given an opportunity to study in this Best English training institution. The trainers are very friendly and good and they all helped me to correct the mistakes made by me with their training methods. The basic grammar to advanced speaking classes was good I joined the 120 Hours course program here and it was very useful. The discussion with the training director had helped me to improve my speaking and pronunciation. It is a good and better place to learn English. Thanks Again Aksent for this opportunity. Thanks for training effectively I am thankful to Azhar and team for his best efforts.
Hello I'm Santosh , I joined Aksent recently . My level of English was average. After joining AKsent & with the help of Menaka ma'am I was able to build my confidence. Menaka ma'am always cleared my doubts on the spot & I love her style of teaching.Thank you Azhar sir & Menaka mam.
I am Eswari.Actually i feel proud to be part of Aksent classes I learnt a lot here . Really i want to thank Azhar sir for developing App to improve trainees in all way .Next the trainers & admin staff here are very kind and helping us . Thankyou Nadhira, Surabhi and Nachiammai ma'am.
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