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Get individual training from our highly qualified English trainers at a time that suits you. Private lessons are available according to your needs and at a convenient time. You can master communication skills on various topics.

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Connect with us

Speak to one of our admission counsellors and let us know what your communication goals are. You will be asked to take up a diagnostic test if required and once we have understood your needs, your profile will be forwarded to our course expert.

Need Analysis One on One

Step 2
Need Analysis

Your course expert will have a detailed understanding of your English language challenges. After an initial assessment, we will pair you up with a specialist tutor who will plan the sessions based on your personal objectives.

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Once you get the outline of your course from our expert, you have to choose one of our subscription plans and pay for it. Your course will start as soon as you are able to. You will also be assigned a dedicated growth manager for your course.

Our Training Expertise

Grammar, and Vocabulary Training
Since 2001
Grammar and Vocabulary Training 95%
Business English / English for Careers / Corporate Training
Since 2009
Business English / English for Careers 90%
International Exams Preparatory
Since 2010
Voice and Accent
Since 2005
Voice and Accent 75%
Communication and Fluency
Since 2001
Communication and Fluency 95%
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Our Plans

Our membership plans have been carefully designed to meet your requirements. Feel happy to get in touch with us if you have any queries or doubts regarding them.


7,500 ₹6,000/-

/ 10 Sessions

15,000 ₹11,000/-

/ 20 Sessions

22,500 ₹15,000/-

/ 30 Sessions

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